Acidic Drinking Water Linked to Type 1 Diabetes

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Water acidity can be a bigger problem than most would think. Your home might have acidic running water without you even realizing it. This can be dangerous to your health and could even increase your risk of type 1 diabetes.

Pipe Problems

As it is commonly known, all water contains a certain pH level. A pH of 6-8.5 is the usual drinking water standard. Water with a lower pH level is known to eventually cause many problems. Even slightly acidic water can slowly break away at your plumbing. This can be a problem because the pipes will eventually need to be repaired, but also because it can actually be damaging to your health as well. The acidity of the water can slowly strip off metals such as copper and lead from the inner components of the pipes into your drinking water. Lead is banned for use in building pipes because there are significant adverse health effects associated with it. Regardless, many pipes still contain a small amount of lead in their composition. This can be a problem when the acidic water strips lead from the pipes and into the drinking water that goes to your faucet. Proper plumbing plays a major role in ensuring healthy drinking water. To make sure your drinking water is healthy haveĀ a licensed plumber check the plumbing system at your house.

The Connection to Diabetes

Along with the acidic water causing pipe problems concerning lead and other harmful metals, it can also play a part in diabetes development. Water with a pH level lower on the drinking water spectrum at around 6.2-6.9 was found to increase the risk of type 1 diabetes by four. This shows that there are other risks besides just eventually ruining the integrity of your plumbing.

How to Prevent These Risks

To start off, before buying a home, you should have tests done to determine if there are dangerous levels of lead in your plumbing. This will eliminate the health risks associated with lead right off the bat. You can also take steps to lower your exposure to metals in your drinking water. Compounds tend to build up when water sits still, so running your water for a few moments before using it can flush out a lot of unwanted buildup in the pipes. Using cold water for drinking is safer than warm or hot water since hot water has a tendency to strip pipes along with the acidity of the water.

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