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Adventures in Healthy Living – New Apps Promote Better Habits

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How do we make being healthy more exciting?  Many of the positive affects of healthy life changes take time to show in our lives – or on our bodies or in tests at the doctor’s office.  So, I was exploring what apps are out there to help both the diabetic community and those who simply want to be healthier to stay interested in being healthy.  As technology permeates our daily lives, we must search out the right tools (in this case apps) to promote the type of life we want to lead.  Here are a couple apps that can make those not-so-much-fun-day-in-and-day-out activities just a bit, more – well, like a game.  Read on for more.

For Everyone

“PatientPartner” is a mobile health app that uses playing a game to motivate changes to healthier behavior.  It was created by, CyberDoctor and both engages and sparks the imagination of the user as they go through hypothetical (decision based) scenarios.  It encourages healthy behavior by leading the player (for lack of a better word) through what would either be healthy or unhealthy behavior and lets them see what happens if they were to make healthier choices and changes in their real life behavior.  This type of user engagement is exactly what we need in this technological age – as lines get longer and wait times grow, we need to use our technological devices for good things that get us in the right mind set and this one, does just that!

For Diabetics Specifically

“HealthSeeker,” another mobile health application uses community engagement to foster good habits and healthy behavior change.  It uses gamification (turning daily life events and actions into a point or otherwise incentivized game) to both help players feel good about their activities and to ensure that they will continue by using “missions” and handing out Kudos from fellow players and friends.  This app was created by the Diabetes Hands Foundation to help diabetics get healthy and exercise more in a fun way.  After all, it is the little things we do each day when no one’s watching that really count and can add up to health!

“My Sugr Companion” is a game specifically for diabetics to ensure that they are testing and keeping their blood glucose in check.  Developed by a couple of pwd’s (that’s shorthand for “person with diabetes”) in Austria, this game allows users to “tame” the diabetes monster (on the app) and gain points as they keep track of info pertinent to a healthful day.  The best part about this is that all of your info is stored in one easy to access place so you can see where your successes and pitfalls lie throughout your week – pretty great!

Healthy Habits

The point here is, no matter how you want to do it – tools whether digital or otherwise are out there to help us live longer, healthier, and hopefully happier lives.  I sure hope you will take advantage of one or two of these, OR comment and let us know how you make changes in your health!

By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 10-22-2013, 9:00 AM

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