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A New App to Help You Stay Connected With Fellow Diabetics in Your Area

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Many Americans travel around the world; whether it be for business or pleasure, and inevitably some of them have diabetes. On occasion, these travelers may leave behind or lose their supplies. Well now there is an app to help in situations like this.

This app is called HelpAround, and it was created as a safety net for diabetics around the world. The app allows users to stay connected with other diabetics in the area. It is more helpful than most other social sites because those are too big and are hardly read.

HelpAround allows people to donate extra supplies to those who can’t afford them or simply ran out in a foreign area. Users can designate themselves as helpers, willing to offer assistance to anyone who needs it, and their faces appear on the screen around your location.

HelpAround goes beyond the usual blogs and forums, and can be described as a network of helpful people, all facing the same sort of illness and symptoms. This creates a sense of camaraderie, which lets diabetics have security almost wherever they are.

The app is also offering a 24/7 live phone support line through collaboration with Safety Net. Helparound is offered in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, and even Hebrew. This increases the span of the app, which can be used many places around the world.

Being part of the community of HelpAround users helps patients feel like they aren’t alone against their problems. So if you are ever in need of help, we strongly encourage you to try the app, but always remember to stay stocked up on your diabetic supplies including test strips, lancets, meters, etc.

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