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New Arrivals to the DiabeticCare Store!

Introducing new test strips to DiabeticCare Store!

DiabeticCare is always improving. This means new items, better customer service, and faster shipping than the competition. Our store’s new items include Nipro TRUEBalance, Advocate, Foracare, and Easy Touch test strips.

We thought these products would make a great addition to the store based on their excellent quality, and because we love to give you the best deals possible! Here is some more information about our new products:

Nipro TRUEBalance Test Strips

Nipro Diagnostic created these test strips for affordable, no-coding accuracy. Their strips have a patented TRUEfill® technology which makes testing easier, promoting success the first time, meaning less sore thumbs! The strips are highly rated by consumers, almost all saying how easy the strip is to use.

Advocate RediCode Test Strips

Advocate strips are made to be easy to use as well, even coming in an easy to open bottle. They require a small sample size and don’t require coding. The strips can be used for alternative sites than the finger, and the testing is fast and simple.

ForaCare PremiumV10 Test Strips

ForaCare specializes in their advanced meters, which means their test strips need to be advanced and easy to use. In fact, the test strips require only 0.5 microliters of blood for testing! Results appear within 5 seconds, and the strips are easily ejected from the meter.

EasyTouch Test Strips

EasyTouch test strips are just as simple as the rest! They feature a 5 second testing time and can be used on alternative testing sited to avoid pain. They also require a small blood sample!

With all of these great new products to choose from, rest assured that we have your back whenever you need more diabetic supplies.

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