First Blood Glucose Meters to Send Test Results to Your Phone via Bluetooth

The era of tracking your blood glucose levels with pen and paper may come to an end as the digital age catches up with the diabetes field. The advancements in the diabetic technology field is always amazing! Brand-new glucose monitoring systems have recently been announced. The OneTouch VerioSync Meter and the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System are blood glucose meters that have a fantastic new feature: Bluetooth technology.

What’s New?

Smart phone app: As opposed to the current blood glucose monitoring systems, the new wireless glucose monitoring systems come with a few extra perks, the biggest one being the capability to wirelessly transfer your test results from the meter to your smart phone (iOS and Android devices).

In order to take advantage of this amazing technology, you need to download an application, or commonly known as an “app.” The app will be available online on the App Store, or Google Play marketplace for androids, on your phone. Once you have downloaded the app, connect your meter to the phone and get your test results directly on your phone.

Store your test results on your phone: You can store your glucose test results on your phone in organized folders, so no matter where you are, your test data is easily accessible.


Ability to share: Another great feature that these devices have is the ability to share your test results. As surprising as it may sound in this day and age, many of you who are fighting diabetes still record your test results using a pen and paper. With Bluetooth glucometers, your test results display on your monitor’s phone application. Even more, you can also see your blood glucose trends and easily detect changes in your blood glucose levels. Lastly, you can send your test data to your doctors or health-care professionals via e-mail. No more forgetting your test results at home on your desk!

These new devices bring great hope for the future in diabetes technology, but not all advancements can be  perfect. These devices still require the user to prick their finger and use disposable blood glucose test strips  for testing. Hopefully technology will find a way to improve the testing experience as well, making it less invasive

 By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 12-18-2013, 4:00 PM

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