Consuming Yogurt May Lead to a Decrease in Diabetes Risk

Yes, you read the title correctly. If you’re worried about developing diabetes, it might be in your best interest to step up your yogurt consumption! In a recent study at the University of Cambridge, researches have found that a significantly lower percentage of people who ate yogurt at least four times a week developed diabetes than those did not.

According to Forbes.com, “[Researchers] [used] data from a long-term study of the diets and health of 30,000 people in Norfolk, England, the researchers compared the diets of 753 participants who developed Type 2 diabetes over an 11-year period with 3,500 randomly selected people from the same population who remained healthy.”

Before you get too excited, this study shows only a correlation as opposed to a cause and effect relationship. However, Diabetologia published the study on February 5th, 2014, and revealed that the study “analyzed study participants’ consumption of all dairy products as well as specific foods.”

Although it’s only a correlation, it still would not hurt to try it! Yogurt is a very healthy alternative to most other snacks (i.e. candy, chips, etc.). Researchers found that replacing a serving of chips with a serving of yogurt decreased the risk of diabetes by 47 percent.


By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 2-12-2014, 2:00 PM

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