Diabetes Meets Obamacare

Many of our readers may be wondering what will happen for them when Obamacare goes into effect on October 1st of this year.  “What will happen to those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes?” I asked myself – I wanted to know how the new “Marketplace” (I’ll explain later) would affect me, so I did some digging…

What I found was not as scary as what I had heard mumblings of over the past couple years; the fear and confusion of this largely debated issue may finally dissipate and leave the majority of Americans with little to no change in their healthcare coverage.

Who does Obamacare’s Marketplace truly affect?

First, “The Marketplace” will be a group of state-specific websites where you can ‘shop’ (compare and learn about different plans) for healthcare if it is not either provided by your employer currently or you are not already covered by Medicare.  People called “navigators” can help you through the process.  Next, what this means is that if you don’t have insurance now, you will need to shop at the marketplace come October 1st, 2013.  And don’t dilly-dally – the window to buy closes March 31, 2014 (to make sure you aren’t charged a tax penalty).

What does this have to do with Diabetes?

In one word: everything.  If you live with either Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, you cannot be turned away or charged more just because you have a pre-existing condition such as diabetes.  The ONLY criteria for how much you will be charged are age, tobacco use, where you live, and family size.

So, is this a good thing?

Yes and no.  There is no easy answer on this one I’m afraid, it simply depends on your circumstances.  If you had difficulty finding affordable health coverage because of your diabetes, the answer is a resounding yes.  However, it will possibly mean some network restructuring to save money and allow for the financial aide to help a projected 14 million previously uninsured people to become insured.  This may make accessing healthcare a bit trickier, but all Americans will have what are called, “Essential Services” available to them which could really help if you have a preexisting condition like diabetes.

How do I find out more?

For a more in depth look, I suggest checking out what the American Diabetes Association has to say – it goes further into detail on this subject.  Or, if you have other questions on how to manage your diabetes, give us a call here at DiabeticCare, (888) 320-4291.

By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 9-24-2013, 9:00 AM

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