Contour vs contour next

What is the difference between Contour and Contour NEXT test strips?

At first glance, one may not pick up the differences between the Contour and the Contour NEXT test strips. Although they are very similar, there are a few attributes that separate the two products.


  •   First test strip in the series to come out
  •   Small, 0.6 micro-liter blood sample
  •   5 second test time
  •   Compatible with Contour, Contour USB, and Contour Link Blood Glucose Meters

Contour NEXT

  •   More accurate
  •   “Double Dip” feature
  •   Small, 0.6 micro-liter blood sample
  •   Compatible with Contour NEXT, Contour NEXT USB, Contour NEXT EZ, and Contour NEXT Link Blood Glucose Meters


Analysis of Differences

As you can see, these two test strips are very similar. The Contour NEXT test strip is basically the same test strip as the Contour, but it has a couple new, neat features:

  • The “multi-pulse” technology tests the same sample of blood 7 times for extremely accurate test results.
  • The “double dip” feature is also very helpful when testing your blood glucose levels. Sometimes when you lance your finger, you may not get enough blood, and with many test strips, that means you have to get a new strip and lance your finger again. However with the Contour NEXT test strips, you simply add more blood to the same strip until it finishes the test. If you are new to testing your blood glucose levels, this is a very helpful feature that can save you many test strips.

The deciding factors between these two brands would have to be the blood glucose meter compatibility. Both of these are great test strip choices, but if you have a certain meter, the corresponding test strips are a necessity.

By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 2-6-2014, 2:00 PM

2 Responses to “What is the difference between Contour and Contour NEXT test strips?”

  1. cindy says:

    what is the difference between the contour next strips that are marked with 7310, 7309 or 7310. My Dad is very confused. Thanks for any help


  2. Connor says:

    Hello Cindy,

    Tell your dad not to worry, those are just packaging codes. The manufacturer prints them on the box to designate whether they’re intended for retail, MO, DME, INTL, etc.
    The product is all the same, only the packaging differs.

    Thanks for reading,

    DiabeticCare Editorial Team

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