First Glucose Monitoring App System Approved by FDA

Ever since diabetes was first discovered and treated in America, entrepreneurs and scientists have been attempting to make managing diabetes easier for the patient. Now the ultimate tool in continuous glucose monitoring has been approved by the FDA.

Dexcom, founded in 1999 and dedicated to continuous glucose monitoring research, has come out with the new Dexcom G4, the first glucose monitor on the market to have access to wireless transmission between the device and an iPhone.

The company released a similar product in October of last year, but the transmission to an iPhone required a docking station enabled with Bluetooth. The newer version will be much more potable with the receiver itself being updated with Bluetooth capability.

Dexcom is planning on selling these new G4 receivers in March of this year, but will be sending a free upgrade to all customers who bought the old docking system. A discount of unknown amount will also be given to any customers who bought the G4 without the upgrade.

The technology that allows transmission between receiver and iPhone is called Dexcom Share, permitting information about the patient’s glucose readings to be sent from the sensor on the body, to the receiver, and then to the iPhone, through the cloud.

The receiver must be kept close in order to transmit any information to a phone, but instead of repeatedly looking at the receiver, the information will be in the palm of your hand, where your phone was probably already sitting.

Dexcom is also trying to partner with other health apps such as Meal Memory and Apple Healthkit, which will allow these apps to access glucose readings without requiring the user to enter the information manually.

An exciting time for diabetes technology, this system will allow up to 5 iPhones to receive the information, letting doctors and family members give their attention and support with minimal effort.

This new technology isn’t the end for Dexcom, as they promise that the next product on the horizon, set for review by the FDA in the Spring, will transmit information directly from the body sensor to an iPhone, taking the G4 receiver out of the process completely.

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