Some Herbs Help Reduce Blood Sugar

We all know that most drugs that treat diabetes are quite expensive. However, an answer to this issue has been discovered. As it turns out, some herbs from the garden, such as Rosemary and Oregano, have polyphenols and flavonoids in them. These two compounds act like some medicines.

Polyphenols and flavonoids are compounds that interfere with an enzyme that plays a role in diabetes. This enzyme is targeted by prescription diabetes drugs to control a person’s blood sugar. These herbs act along the same lines as these drugs, and give patients more help for less money.

The herbs have different amounts of these chemicals depending on where they are grown. For instance, researchers found that Greek oregano and Mexican oregano and rosemary are far more effective than greenhouse produced herbs.

In today’s world, when fast food is so cheap and easy to get, and type 2 diabetes is becoming a more and more common occurrence, this discovery will help lower the number of new cases and help those afflicted with this condition deal with their symptoms more effectively.

These herbs will help those patients who have trouble with diet and exercise and controlling their diabetes. The herbs will provide a more natural way to lower blood sugar without the need for all those expensive drugs.

So in order to stay healthy, as always try to limit your consumption of fast food, stay healthy, and maybe sprinkle some oregano or rosemary into your dishes. Remember that herbs are not a replacement for medication altogether, and you should consult your physician before making any decisions that will affect your health. Also, remember to stay stocked up on your diabetic supplies including test stripslancetsmeters, etc.

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