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J&J Potential Drug Blockbuster

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The FDA has recently approved Invokana, a new class of diabetes drugs that aims to help individuals manage their diabetes. This drug helps keep blood sugar low by excreting excess glucose through urine.

Although it was approved by an advisory panel of 15, there has been a lot of controversy around Invokana. The source of the controversy revolves around numerous side effects that threaten the safety of consumers. In fact, the FDA has required 5 post-release and a clinical trial to determine the increase of side effects. Of the side effects, urinary tract and yeast infections are of the biggest concern. Invokana is expressly advised against for those with kidney problems.

The new research surrounding diabetes is a testament to the growth of the disease in the United States and abroad. Hopefully, this big business will turn out a cure in the near future.

By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 5-3-2013, 2:00 PM



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