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Forgetting the Stigma of Diabetes

Diabetes is a widespread disease in America.. Diabetes and its management should not be looked on with fear or blame.

The public must remember that these people are not always to blame for their diabetes. Some of them might have taken bad care of themselves, but others have genetic predisposition or there are other factors.

The treatment of diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is also looked on with disapproval by some of the public. The use of insulin can look very similar to using drugs, making type 2 diabetes patients uncomfortable to treat their disease in public.

Some diabetics are kept from employment opportunities because of their insulin treatment. This can lead to the employee to keep his disease from his/her employer. This can cause dangerous and possibly fatal complications with the employee’s health.

In order to erase this stigma, we must educate the public about the dangers of diabetes. This will make diabetes easier to detect and treat. If patients feel less self conscious, their actions may be applauded rather than viewed with disdain. This will make diabetes complications less likely in everyday life.

There are other methods of treatment, such as insulin pumps and insulin pens, better for discrete treatment. There are also medications that can control symptoms, but almost all of them have side effects, and should be talked about with a doctor.

It’s better to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and avoid even the possibility of diabetes. We must spread awareness to help patients living with diabetes. Remember to stay healthy.

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