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Mail-Order Medicare

How is mail-order Medicare changing? Well, Medicare is changing the way it distributes its diabetes testing supplies to those who need it. With over 25.8 million children and adults managing their diabetes, getting supplies can be a big part of life for a lot of people. Medicare has recently taken control of its budget by only allowing reasonably priced companies to do business with them.

Why does it matter?

The difficulty with National Medicare’s list (of where you can get your supplies) is that only certain suppliers carry certain brands – so you need to find the one that carries your brand in order to get your supplies swiftly through the mail. A.K.A. you need to find the company that sells your kind of testing supplies.

Does it cost the same?

The testing supplies for the Part B deductible will be the same 80% (paid by Medicare), 20% (out of pocket) split whether or not you get your testing supplies at a local store or by mail; though doesn’t having your test supplies delivered to you door sound convenient? We think so too…

What’s the catch?

The catch is it can be difficult to find the right contract supplier who carries your brand of supplies. The easiest way around this is to go through the easy list we’ve compiled in the next post – including links to what Manufacturers and what Models are carried by each company. No pages to sift through, less time wasted.

I don’t feel like going through those. What do I do then?

Well, if your doctor prescribes a particular item and brand of item in writing, a Medicare contract supplier is then REQUIRED to give you the exact brand you were prescribed or work with your doctor to find an alternative.

Two easy steps:

1) Stick with your brand and get a note from your doctor.
2) Use any of the contacts on the list and they’ll do the footwork for you.

This means, Medicare is at least trying to help you, we just thought putting a few things in layman’s terms may make it easier to understand. Medicare = Mail-Care.

For more information:

You can go to www.Medicare.gov/supplier for more info on Medicare related supplies, and visit us at DiabeticCare for great prices on nutritional and other supplemental diabetic care supplies.  Because managing your diabetes isn’t just a daily chore – it’s a lifestyle; one that can bring you many happy returns if dealt with properly.

By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 9-17-2013, 2:00 PM

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