Medical Records in the Palm of your Hand

With the release of Apple’s iOS 8, many new innovations have been added to the impressive device. One of these functions is a health tracking app called HealthKit. After a rough start with the app, its future is looking very advanced in comparison.

Apple wants to make HealthKit compatible with a plethora of other health apps such as Nike+ Run and WeightWatchers. The app would sync data and give the user a more thorough report of health and track their efforts to exercise, lose weight, or whatever else they want to use it for.

HealthKit itself is very useful as the app allows the user to catalog blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, past injuries and operations, and count calories effectively. However, with the release of the iWatch, the app can take input from the watch’s sensors and take advantage of these to help the user.

Apple is also planning on partnering with Stanford University and the Mayo Clinic. Stanford University and Apple are reported to be working on a function to keep Type 1 Diabetics in check and let them track their health and progress throughout the day.

The app will also keep a record of all inputs and, with the user’s permission, share them with any doctor who needs the information. However, this idea has raised concerns because of the recent breach of security in the case of the celebrities iClouds.

This potential safety hazard has nothing to do with the app and the way the data will be stored, according to Apple, as the app will use encryption to hide the data every time the phone is locked, and the data is not synced to the cloud, where it can be hacked, but kept on the device.

Apple will continue developing the app until it performs to the best of its capability and gives the user the most accurate record of his/her health and gives doctors advantages over their patients’ problems.

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