New Oral Treatment for Diabetes?

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Scientists in Japan have been doing research on the hormone that regulates glucose and have some interesting discoveries.  The hormone adiponectin regulates glucose in the bloodstream, and studies have shown that obese people tend to have lower levels in their systems.  This hormone also increases the effectiveness of insulin and is very important to how glucose is metabolized in your body.  What the researchers in Japan have done now, is to create a compound called “AdipoRon” that mimics what the hormone does in your body.  This could be a major breakthrough!

How is it delivered?

“AdipoRon” would be an oral medication – amazingly less invasive than shots of insulin if all goes well with the research and testing.  This could be a big discovery for diabetics everywhere.  The compound would not breakdown like its natural counterpart and makes it all the way to the bloodstream.  What this means is that the compound would remain fully effective after taken orally.

Why is it important?

Clinical tests are hoping to be launched in a few years.  For Type 2 diabetics, this could be the item that saves them when the changes in diet and exercise needed to stabilize blood sugar levels prove too difficult all at once.  Dietary changes prove to be difficult for everyone regardless of weight.  The new medication could help to prevent heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure – saving both medical costs and lives.

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By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 11-4-2013, 8:00 AM

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