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Pistachios may reduce the risk of diabetes

Nuts have been considered healthy and good for your heart for years, and now they, specifically pistachios, have another benefit.

A new study has shown that pistachios may be the answer for anyone heading towards type 2 diabetes. According to researchers in Spain, regularly eating pistachios lowers insulin and hormone ratio, as well as fasting glucose levels.

People who have pre-diabetes have higher than normal blood sugar levels. They aren’t in the range of actual diabetes yet, but if they do nothing, many will develop the disease within five years.

The study in Spain was performed with pre-diabetics who ate about 2 ounces of pistachios per day. The patients had significant drops on blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as reducing signs of inflammation dramatically.

Of all the different types of nuts, pistachios have the highest level of phytosterols, the compound that has been shown to lower cholesterol. They also have the least amount of calories per nut, around 4 calories, which makes pistachios the perfect thing for weight loss.

Pistachios also have a good amount of protein, like most nuts, and they have fiber, which is why the pistachio is so good for diabetics. When the nut digests, the fibrous carbohydrates continue through the body rather than being dissolved into the bloodstream from the stomach lining.

This is what makes pistachios so good for prediabetics, because it does nothing to the level of glucose in the blood, but rather are eaten without consequence.

While some, like Dr. Ros of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service at Hospital ClĂ­nic in Barcelona, believe that it is not only the pistachio that will produce this result, the new discovery will prove very helpful as long as people take responsibility for their diets and eat healthier things.


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