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PROTECT iT: Our Featured Product for May Will Be The World’s Ultimate Sock

Diabetes can cause nerve sensitivity and irritation in a person’s extremities. This, along with the issues that come along with all feet (sweat and smell), can result in an unpleasant experience. Well, say goodbye to sweaty, smelly, and irritable feet because  now individuals can obtain inexpensive, quality diabetic socks needed to maintain healthy feet from DiabeticCare Store.

protect it sock

The Protect iT sock is made of the world’s finest cotton and unique fiber formula. It is softer, dryer, more protective, and more comfortable than any other sock on the market. Built into the socks are some amazing features:

  • Wrinkle-free fabric: Helps prevent pressure wounds and ulceration.
  • Soft, Wide-stretch top: Comfortable grip with minimal compression
  • Arch support with anti-slip technology: Keeps the sock in place without compression
  • Smooth-inside seamless toe: eliminates friction and pressure in the sensitive toe area
  • Moisture Pump Action: Dual-layer construction pumps moisture away from skin

Along with all of these amazing features, PROTECT iT also comes in three different styles: active ankle, dress, and comfort crew, and five different colors (black, white, navy, grey, and tan). So whether you are walking around the house, hiking in the mountains, or attending a formal ball, PROTECT iT is the ultimate protection, care, and comfort for your feet.


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