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Replenish Diabetes Supplements are Coming to the DiabeticCare Store soon!

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Clinical research has been published regarding the depletion effect of oral diabetes drugs on several different nutrients. People who lack nutrition due to this depletion effect can now obtain Replenish Supplements—a complete package of supplementary nutrients—at DiabeticCare Store.

The nutrients that most diabetes medications tend to deplete are vitamin B12, co-enzyme Q10, and folic acid. Without these nutrients, one may experience side effects such as neuropathy, memory loss, confusion, dementia, muscle aches, congestive heart failure, lack of energy, headaches, diarrhea, and nausea.

Instead of buying different supplements for each nutrient, why not buy one that contains them all? Replenish Oral Hypoglycemic Complete is just the supplement you’re looking for! This amazing supplement was formulated by a Pharmacist, Medical doctor, and Naturopathic doctor to ensure you receive the correct amount of nutrients in a day.

Let’s take a look at how Oral Hypoglycemic Complete matches up with other popular supplement brands:

Co-enzyme Q10

  • Oral Hypoglycemic Complete                                           100mg
  • Centrum Silver                                                                          0mg
  • One-a-Day Mens/Womens                                                    0mg

Vitamin B12

  • Oral Hypoglycemic Complete                                       1000mcg
  • Centrum Silver                                                                      25mcg
  • One-a-Day Mens/Womens                                                 25mcg

Folic Acid

  • Oral Hypoglycemic Complete                                         800mcg
  • Centrum Silver                                                                    400mcg
  • One-a-Day Mens/Womens                                               400mcg


  • Oral Hypoglycemic Complete                                           350mg
  • Centrum Silver                                                                        50mg
  • One-a-Day Mens/Womens                                           100/50mg

If you wish to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients, Oral Hypoglycemic Complete is the complete solution for you!

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