rest, diabetes and change

Rest, Diabetes, and Seeds of Change

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This post will start with just a bit of info about needing rest for health, but will go into how we need to work together if we really want to spark change, so be sure to read to the end(!)

Studies have shown that sleep can be as precarious as it can be pleasant – when it comes to blood sugar levels at least.  There is evidence that sleeping either too little or too much in the evening can be disruptive in the body’s processes, which includes the production and release of insulin; possibly causing or worsening all types of diabetes.  This link now also stretches to include long naps as well. If the rest is long enough, it may still disrupt the body’s internal clock (or the person could be getting a short amount of sleep in the evening which has the same effect).

What does this mean?

This means that trying to have a consistent and healthy lifestyle is as important as ever.  And it has to be all encompassing.  It can’t just be one thing, but it needs to be all – diet, exercise, sleep habits, and leisure to reduce stress.  We all need to work together to change our culture on a larger scale.

Get your family in on the change.

Set healthy schedules and stick to them.  Cook healthy meals and eat them together.  And, we all know life happens fast sometimes and we have to react but we also have to make taking care of ourselves a priority.  With that, comes teaching those healthy habits to our children and then seeing those seeds of change spread through the community.  We need to make small changes in our everyday lives if we want to see a reduction in the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes in future generations and that, begins with us.  And the thing to remember here is that it is always progress not perfection on the road to a healthier tomorrow. I often giggle as I am reminded of the movie, “What About Bob” as Bill Murray and the fish Gil around his neck keep taking, “baby steps” to make it through the day.  Beginning new habits is not unlike that, taking “baby steps” until one day those foreign things feel natural – but I find giggling along the way sure helps make it easier.

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By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 10-25-2013, 9:00 AM

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