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Social Media’s Effect on Managing Diabetes

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or you’ve had diabetes your entire life, there is one thing everyone needs: support. Let’s face it, living a healthy life and regularly testing your blood glucose can be exhausting. As with any big lifestyle choices or changes (although this one was biologically chosen for you), it is difficult to be successful without help from others.

Did George Washington fight off Britain’s army all by himself in the Revolutionary War? No, George had some serious backup with him; and check out how that war ended! Living with diabetes is a battle, and like any battle, although it will be difficult, support will help immensely. If you feel like you are not alone on your path to living a healthy lifestyle, one that aims at keeping diabetic incidents and repercussions at bay, you are much more likely to succeed in your goals!

What does Social Media have to do with all of this?

Although social media does have some negative aspects to it, the positive features far outweigh the negatives. Healthcare providers encourage all patients to seek support for successful management, but did you know that online resources can be just as effective (if not more so) as family and friends?

Social media provides a medium for people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds to join together for a single cause.

Diabetes is a very complex condition, and since there are so many choices to make, different perspectives are essential. Social media provides these! There are online communities and support groups for diabetes all over the internet that are aimed at helping people with diabetes live healthy lives. Where else are you able to get thousands of different viewpoints?

Be a part of it!

Social media becomes more effective every time someone decides to contribute. You can be that next person! If you have ever had to go through some difficulty with diabetes, the chances that you are the only one that experienced that problem are quite literally 1 in 371 million (137,000,000).

So, why not contribute? You can help others that are suffering from the same thing receive some support for yourself!

A great way to start your endeavor would be following DiabeticCare and other diabetes establishments on different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). Why stop there? There are thousands of different online communities that you can be a part of! Remember, fighting diabetes in a group is much easier than fighting alone.

4 Responses to “Social Media’s Effect on Managing Diabetes”

  1. Josh Mehlberger says:

    Thanks for the article! What are your opinions on diabetic forums? I have yet to do my research.

    • Connor says:

      Diabetic forums are a great, easy way to get involved in the diabetes community. You can communicate with other diabetics that could have similar experiences!

      • Dustin says:

        There are only two posts or articles for February and we are almost at the middle of the month. I also notice the comments have to be approved first before thy are live but let’s see if you actually approved my relevant comments..

        • Connor says:

          Thank you for following our blog. We really appreciate your feedback. We always try to do our best to post as much valuable content as we can. Please stay tuned as more articles are coming soon.

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