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Have you ever wondered how diabetic alert dogs detect diabetic events? Or why someone may need an alert dog for low blood sugar?  I’ve certainly wondered that, and hopefully this post will answer a few questions you’ve pondered in the store or at a park when someone with a service dog mentions, “Oh I have low blood sugar, that’s why I have this lovable guy…”

Diabetic alert dogs are nothing to wag your tail at – they are the real deal.  These persnickety pooches can sense the scent emitted when your blood sugar drops and there will very likely be a diabetic event.  They may look like normal service dogs but are faster at detection than any of our manmade devices to measure low blood sugar levels, which can be the difference between saying, “good dog” or ending up in the emergency room when you really need help.AlertDog2

Doctors have used the sugary scent of insulin-lacking urine for centuries to identify if someone had diabetes in the past.  Service dogs can detect in a similar fashion, but from what is emitted as your scent.  When the glucose isn’t absorbed, the chemicals produced can be sensed…and in this case, a pup’s nose is far more sensitive when you need your insulin.

So what does all this mean?

This means that people with hypoglycemia or diabetes can do more; more outdoors, more travel, more life.  All of this without the fear they once felt in case a diabetic incident happened, all with the help of man’s best friend.  Check out Diabetic Alert Dog for more information on how these dogs can help you manage both your blood sugar and improve your quality of life.  And – for those of you who don’t without a diabetic alert dog, check out DiabeticCare.com for tips and tricks on how to best manage your diabetes.

By: DiabeticCare editorial team; Published: 9-25-2013, 9:30 AM

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