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Twitter Information Shows Interesting Eating Trends

Twitter is synonymous with food all over the world. People are constantly taking pictures of their meals to post online, and now the University of Arizona has conducted a study to see the most tweeted food in each state across the nation, the results were both surprising and useful.

The study was conducted over an eight month period and the researchers analyzed over tree million posts about or related to food. Their results show a vast diversity of foods across the U.S., from caviar in California to pickles in Oklahoma.

This study, aside from being an interesting analysis of the food habits of different states, also reveals factors that make diabetes apparent in many states. The obese population of the United States would be more likely to eat less healthy meals.

The analysis can also include occupation and hometown which allows the researchers to extrapolate further and find things like favorite ingredients, meals, and restaurants in all the states. For instance, a Tweet about preserves is more likely to be from an overweight user than a post about salads.

Data from outside sources is also used to make sense of the data, as the states have censuses showing the more overweight and less overweight states. Currently, the most statistically obese state is Louisiana with around 30% of the population being overweight. The least overweight state is Colorado with 19.6% of the population.

According to the study, diabetes patients are more likely to choose Mexican food or food that is fried. Bacon is also a popular choice according to the study. This is in contrast to non-diabetics who choose to eat more Turkish food and Chicken. Also, non-diabetics are more likely to eat desert.

The hope for studies like this is to raise public health awareness for diseases like Heart Disease and Diabetes, instead of discovering the differences between Democrats and Republican eating habits.

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