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Work Schedules affect likelihood of diabetes

A new study from a Chinese University suggests that people working with shift schedules are more prone to type 2 diabetes. What could the reason be? Well! It turns out the reason for this is that people have less time to pay attention to what they are eating.

If a man or woman is pressed for time, it is less likely for him/her to be able to make a healthy lunch. Most food nowadays is processed and unhealthy, especially fast food chains, which make it simple to eat a meal, but are terrible for your health.

Of course, everyone already knows that fast food is not good for us, but this study is the wakeup call we need. It shows that even if many people know of its unhealthy ingredients, people still eat it because of the ease in which they can get it.

We must all understand that we are at risk of these unhealthy habits. If people don’t start controlling their health, type 2 diabetes may be in their future. The importance of this study is that it shows how much people can be unaware of their unhealthiness.

So this new study should help to raise awareness, and we remind all readers to help protect their friends and family by reminding them to keep healthy and to watch what they eat, even if they have no time for anything.

Healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are always available at super markets and at home, so remember to always eat healthy, and feel free to let us know what you think of the impact of work schedule on diabetes. Share your experiences and stories with us.

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