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Can Yoga Treat Diabetes?

A study in Hanover, Pennsylvania, is collecting data to prove whether or not yoga is an effective way to fight diabetes. They have enlisted the founder and president of Ahimsa Yoga Research Center Inc., a not-for-profit foundation, to help them gather this information, and are inviting any diabetics who are interested.

The study analyzes whether yoga added to treatment will improve the markers of diabetes, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C. As exercise has already been proven to be healthy and helpful in the treatment of diabetes, the study hopes to prove yoga’s effectiveness in comparison.

The pool of participants is limited to men and women over the age of 55 who have had Type 2 diabetes for more than a year. While the whole group will go through conventional exercise, half of the participants will also be taught yoga, to see if the results are better or worse for this group.

The minimum number of participants the study hopes to have is 60 people, and the maximum is 150 people. They will all participate in at least thirty minutes of exercise specifically made for each person by the Hanover Hospital Fitness Center, three times a week.

The half of the group designated to learn yoga will go to a total of 48 classes over 52 weeks, the first week including 3 classes. The cost for the program is half of the fitness center’s membership, and all information is private.

One of the participants from a previous year made a statement to the local news (The Evening Sun) that “All my ‘numbers’ improved during the study – blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, weight. In addition, my sense of mental well-being improved…” The study is very interesting and proves least exercise at least is quite beneficial to the treatment of diabetes.

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